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Why use multiple apps for the same work?

Thables combines and integrates calendars, chat, projects, and event management into a single app. It's the perfect place for office teams, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to manage daily work.

Concretely, our app helps in managing daily workflows; from scheduling workweeks, to managing meetings with clients, organizing projects, and sending documents. You save time in searching information and building administration, while enhancing collaboration with others.

Weekly scheduling.

Plan meetings, events, and time off with one integrated calendar. Your team can view your schedule and use it to coordinate and organize meetings.

Our calendar works like you're used to, and can be viewed by day, week, and month.

Topic-based instant messaging.

Not every information request requires an email, sometimes a quick message will do. In Thables you can organize your conversations by team, topic, and individuals.

Collaborate by sharing files and images, and indicating urgency to messages.

Meeting communication.

Why spend time searching through emails and various chats to prepare for a meeting? Thables stores event communication with the event in the calendar.

Our advanced collaboration suite allows you to build meeting histories and keep everyone engaged around a central theme.

We're building something new.

A single app for work, that correctly represents what happens in offices. More focus on human relationships and collaboration, and less on systems.

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